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The CPSC thinks Spanish kids drowning in buckets is “hot”

From the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s “Whats Hot” section (via News dugg by JShorr)

Tue Aug 28

Is Your Dentist Trying to Kill You For Money?

OMG, brushing makes it worse. Seriously. It makes the mercury in your filings turn into vapor dust and can be inhaled into the lungs. I truly thought that I was safe from Mercury at this point. Not so. And worse the FDA and the American Dental Assoc. know it. Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Japan have banned them, but not in America. (via News dugg by JShorr)

Mon Aug 6

25 Best Opening Lyrics of All Time

#7: “In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey” —Beck’s ‘Loser’ (via News dugg by JShorr)

The FBI Can’t Link Bin Laden to 9/11? Why Is This Not News?

The statement saying the FBI had no hard evidence was released in June of 2006. The implication is that the FBI doesn’t believe the video constitutes hard evidence of Bin Laden’s involvement. (via News dugg by JShorr)

Fri Jul 20

I always knew that they were zombies

Check out this elaborate video of Phillipine inmates performing Thriller. Ola Ray never looked better. (via News dugg by JShorr)

ILoveJackDaniels.com’s new SQL Server Cheat Sheet

Many of you already use Dave’s cheat sheets for PHP, JavaScript and more. He finally released a SQL Server cheat sheet today. As always, revision one is fantastic but will only get better with user input. (via News dugg by JShorr)